Their Unbreakable Bond (New)

Their Unbreakable Bond (New)

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Just-Us Kinnison By Just-usDavis Updated Sep 12, 2017

"You knew didn't you ?! You've know this whole time ?" he doesn't answer me, just stands there looking at me like I'm a child and he's an adult waiting on my temper tantrum to pass. "Answer me dammit !" i scream hormones going haywire from the recent shift, my juvenile body and mind still not able to to keep up with the raging differences of becoming a newly shifted wolf.

"Yes i knew" he says softly looking me in the eyes, no sign of guilt present.

"This whole time ? how you could you do that knowing I'm your mate ? You've been with all those girls, coming to school with their scent still all over you so everyone knew EXACTLY what you had been doing !" fury taking over my body as i start to shake "Why didn't you tell me ? Why didn't you wait for me am i not good enough for you ?"

"Your too young thats all, how would it look if i was with someone so young i was 16 you were 14 i would look like a pervert, it has nothing to do with you not being to good for me" he says 

"You know what your right" i say squaring my shoulders "It has nothing to do with me not being good enough for you, your the one who's not good enough enough for me" walking away from the one person who's made specially for me, with my head held high and shoulders back. If he doesn't think that the mate bond is sacred then neither do i, we can both play that game.

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