Excuse My Charisma (Student/Teacher)

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Action Romance. Watty Awards 2012. Book 1 of The Finnigan Chronicles.
    Aly Finnan is the quiet school girl, that is until she 'meets' mysterious Jasper Renn. Ever since saving him trouble has a way of finding her. Her actions to save this handsome stranger threw her into a steaming pot of gang related issues. Action, Romance, Love, Loss, Grief. 
    Lovers vs Gang members. Who will win?
it's super good. and thank you for making jensen ackles the main character. i can die now, my life is fulfilled.
Niceeeeeeeeeeee!!! I haven't read anything like this before. Especially with the part about the police thingy.... AWESOME!!!
                                    Got my vote xD
Awesome detail and was very interesting to read. Not read anything like this yet, I don't think..Very good. c:
Wow, I don't usually read these types of stories, but this one REALLY hooked me. Don't rush through the plot, and maybe add a bit more detail, but all in all, I think this has some great potential!  Voted!
I usually don't like action stories, but you definitely made me like this story! I agree that you need a little more detail but I think you're fine, it's just the first chapter, I'm sure it's much better! Good job on the first chapter!
                                    I've never seen that moviee :((
                                    Well, I know what movie I'm buying soon then :O