This Cruel Sky

This Cruel Sky

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A Marked girl trapped in a deadly game. || An angel entangled in a pact with the devil. || And one willing to sacrifice it all for love.|| Who will survive when three fates collide? ~
Jade ~ No matter how many angels Jade kills, she can't stop what has been set in motion. Once a year the fallen angels gather for Harmony to unite their strongest. Usually, it's a peaceful event, but already five students are dead. But when an angel comes to her with an offer of help, Jade must choose-drive her blade through his heart or break her code and trust him.

Celeste~ Harmony is a death sentence. Especially for an angel in love. Loving a human comes with a terrible price-banishment. But as the angels gather, and the date when Celeste must be joined with another nears, she must risk everything and find a loophole to fate or lose him forever.
Lara ~ Angels shouldn't play with dark magic. But Lara knows all too well the games angels play. She has the scars to prove it. But she'll do whatever it takes to undo the tribe's decision to give her brother the power of Archangel over her-even if it means summoning the demon who whispers her name.

A dark YA Paranormal from the author of the Watty Award winning novel Coral and Bone. Only on Wattpad!

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