Yeral: Short Story

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Yeral and Rio are elite government agents; they were assigned by Bill Darsen to protect the Mayor; Pastor Alvin. Suspicions were raised that Alvin was possibly the cities most notorious serial killer; and even responsible for the deaths of some of Bill Darsens special team. The service ended with Yeral shooting the Mayor, as well as his partner in the hand; who was unaware why Yeral was attempting to take down the Mayor. Rio missed out on any compensation, and was left only with a grudge.  With top cop Darsen running for control of the city, he’s made taking down drug syndicates his first priority, and in the process of his new mission he has neglected to keep a closer eye on those under him.
Woohoo! Nice!
                                    Looking forward to seeing Yeral in DM!
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@ThomasBerryman Oooooh, love the new extra bit you added! Makes more sense now and clears a few things up - so happy with the ending! Does he ever find out who the two corrupt officers are??
I like get to writting more please! ,lol and I have a question ..did the character Paul Lantar die?..if not are you going to write more about him?..and are their anymore stories similar to A Dangerous Mind???..Thanks
Hmm, I'm not into cop drama such as this, but it was well done. I'm guessing it goes with "Dirty Money"? Your action sequence flowed well and I felt like I knew the characters well enough for the story. :)
It's a bit sad to read a short story about someones death. It's amazingly written as always!
Likey likeeeeeeeeeeeey likeeeeeeeeeey it!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!