Trumpet Call

Trumpet Call

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A.M. Krupskaya By phantommuseums Updated Jul 25

Leave your nightmares at the door, dawn yourself in your finest furs, and have an extra glass of champagne. Sure, you had two. What's one more?

Now, darling: it's your cue.

Welcome to Cécité, mon cherie. It's a place that never sleeps and when it does - oh, how reality is so much sweeter! 

The Ringmaster plans his biggest show yet and the Illusionist always has a secret up his sleeve. The Fortune Teller will only reveal the tiniest peek into the future: after all, why look so far ahead when you're in a place where the Gods wait at the door? The Canaries are not birds here, but if that's what you fancy, the Menagerie will knock your pretty socks of those city-slicker feet. 

And that's not all: anyone can set up a stage here. Anyone whose feet grace that Boardwalk can become a star, and believe you me, MANY have. Come and tango till you're sore. 

Cécité. Oh darling. Do be careful. Many find themselves tantalized by the sweetest, darkest vices in this town. And the ones that work here? You may find them to be the most sinful of them all.


Trumpet Call is a weaving of the many lives who work in the city of Cécité, a playground for the wealthy, the bohemians, and the escapists. While many come to shed their structured lives, the people with residencies experience Cécité in a vastly different way. A potent cocktail of Roaring Twenties decadence, magical realism, with a hefty dose of backstage drama, Trumpet Call demands the true face behind fame's mask and gets down-and-dirty with the culture of entertainment.

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