Cheating The Deck Prompts

Cheating The Deck Prompts

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Jen By promptingskenekidz Updated Apr 28

                Prompt: Hi, in Cheating The Deck all the guys think that Ace is going to be the one to die first and I was wondering what all their reactions should be if he did?


                They all told him he'd be the first. They all steeled themselves against it every time he went out.

                They weren't prepared for the moment it actually happened.


                Alexis was the first emergency contact in Ace's phone. He was the one called to the scene of the accident, he was the one who numbly identified the body, and he was the one who had to tell the others.

                He called Jonas from his old house. The guys weren't taking the news well, and Alexis had no desire to leave.

                "What's wrong, Alexis?" Jonas asked nervously.

                "Ace is dead." There was n...

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