The Darkest Road {Supernatural: Book Two}

The Darkest Road {Supernatural: Book Two}

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One of the few creatures in the world that could bring you to your knees in seconds made herself welcome in the hearts of the Winchesters.

With John Winchester dead, all Roslyn has left is Sam and Dean. The three are clinging to each other now more than ever, seeking solace in all the destruction that has become of them. It has been officially three years since she first met them.

Roslyn Lovelace proved that she was not a monster, but she is still harboring very dark secrets from her two companions- secrets that could potentially ruin her relationship with them.

Chaos is ensuing more than ever, and it all seems like too much to handle. The angels have finally decided to step in and make themselves known, but is this a good thing, or a very bad thing?

Lilith is on the rise and she's aiming to break the 66 seals to free Lucifer- the one angel Roslyn is allowed no contact with. 

In the midst of all the pandemonium, Roslyn is desperately trying to hide her dark side that is becoming steadily easier to provoke. She thought she had proved her loyalty to the Winchesters-- but with the angels suddenly out in the open again, it is nearly impossible for her to choose a side. Her creators are growing more demanding and revoking bits of her free will, much to her anger. All the while, she is trying to cope with the damage around her, and discover the real reasons she was pushed into the destiny of the Winchesters.

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i laughed too roslyn. it was funny to see them think that they killed him
Omfg it's happening it happening  oh no I'm not prepared for this.
Ah the unchanging and undying love for family. It's the answer my dear. 😔
I like the pizza. lol. i like that horseman. Death is an awesome character
owca1000 owca1000 Jul 16
                              Cass: *slaps Dean on shoulder after raising him from perdition*