The Last Contractor of the Heavens (Naruto Fanfic) ~a Shikamaru Love Story~

The Last Contractor of the Heavens (Naruto Fanfic) ~a Shikamaru Love Story~

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Jenn Snow By Jenn_is_Starry_Music Completed

Yin Yuki Suzaku.
The last of her clan.
The last of her time.

She is now awakened from her repetitive slumber(s) and is now living out her life the way she always has: train, fight, train, protect the village.

So what will happen when she falls in love?

How will her life change when she becomes a member of Team 7?

Only one way to find out...

Enjoy this Shikamaru X Oc

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Bolachasedutora97 Bolachasedutora97 Dec 30, 2017
Basically: Sasuke, Sakura and Ino(+90% of Konoha's teenage female population), Orochipedo and holpitals
Anime_CouchPotato Anime_CouchPotato Dec 25, 2017
Aw I love you whatever your name is (I forgot it, sorry *cough* not sorry)
animelover1992 animelover1992 Dec 10, 2017
Ohhh! Let’s be friends Yin. *takes out a knife and stabs het* Oops, Where’s my money?
101kill 101kill Jan 03
Now the I think about it wouldn't this be like phedophelia because she is 1111 years old and he is 12 years old 🤔🤔🤔😅😅
mega-anime-fangirl mega-anime-fangirl Dec 16, 2017
Fucin Oreo how many cinnamon buns are you going to fill with your curse shizz!?
bbgchar bbgchar Jan 01
at least she dislike them and not hate cause hate is a strong word