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Role Models (ODSS)

Role Models (ODSS)

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Jesy By JesyStypayhorlikson Updated 18 hours ago

One Direction has anywhere from 4-5 members (who knows anymore nowadays), who are worldwide famous. When you're famous... you act one of three ways. 
1. Role model. Everything you do is sought after and envied. 
2. Insane lunatic. Someone should probably put you in a facility, but no one's brave enough. 
3. Jerk that everyone hates/loves. You act like a jerk, but people somehow still love you. 
The lads we've come to know and love are of course the first. But, sometimes they have a little trouble keeping themselves in check.
Okay, who are we kidding here, sometimes they have MAJOR problems keeping away from that number three. Things like cursing, smoking, drugs that drag you closer to number three. 
But there's no worries. With the help of discipliners Louis, Zayn, Paul, Anne, Johanna, Trisha, Karen, Maura, and occasionally other surprise guests to their home, One Direction can stay at that first option. 
*CONTAINS Spanking in a non-sexual way that is purely discipline. Some cursing.*
*Will NOT contain anything highly sexual such as smut or things that would lead up to such. Also, no relationships that are central to the story.*

LocalDreamer_ LocalDreamer_ Jan 10, 2016
They're too old to be grounded but they're the perfect age to be spanked. Note the sarcasm.
Xdemonhunterx Xdemonhunterx Apr 22, 2015
You should change the cover page. It's been a long time and louis in the cover looks so different :/
maddybraxton maddybraxton Apr 05, 2015
i think they can still ground them and take there phones off them like they can ground them to louis or zayns room when they get grounded and i think it would be better to put them over there lap and i love this lots more chapters never delete
Ashxx__Butterfly Ashxx__Butterfly Jan 23, 2015
i feel like liam would be the one to say that louis is more childish
_extroverted_ _extroverted_ Sep 08, 2014
For some reason I'm imaging Liam Harry and Niall as little kids and Zayn and Louis as parents
Singsong1332 Singsong1332 Jun 16, 2014
Poor baby Hazza! God Bless your soul for coming up for a reason that Anne and Des broke up.