Revisited {Captain America | Book Two}

Revisited {Captain America | Book Two}

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| Emma Stark | By MarvelTime-Lady Completed

{Set In Iron Man 2 and The Avengers} 

68 years after being transformed, Ashley is now co-director of SHIELD alongside Nick Fury. She has been named as the best agent the world has ever seen after completing many mission and proving to herself and the world that she can be a leader. She finally get's the chance to catch up with Tony Stark after many years of not talking, as they bond over a threat to Tony. After that, she is then suddenly made to revisit her past as an very important person in her life comes back from the dead and a demigod steals something he shouldn't have.

[Book Two]

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Everyone’s over here like feelz and dirty mind and I’m here like:
                              I’m crying AND sprinkling holy water on y’all!!
Will she be interested in vision?(if she wasn’t in love with cap)
tdfmellark tdfmellark Jan 02
Am I the only one thinking of Johnny Storm from Fantastic 4 2?
Mazewizard2000 Mazewizard2000 Aug 16, 2016
Am I the only one sitting here thinking how cute it would be if her and Steve played this because they're both super soldiers?? And I'm also trying not to cry after the dog tags scenario and the mention of Steve cause yeah. Who wouldn't? Unless I'm generally a complete and utter emotional mess
-flamy -flamy Sep 24, 2016
My mind immediately went to Vision and made me confused for about a minute
Mazewizard2000 Mazewizard2000 Aug 16, 2016
Omg I thought she meant Percy but then I was like 'oh wait no. Loki'