Azelie Ryans is the definition of fearless. She will jump out of planes, hold spiders, lick any public toilet and will do any and every dare. She will do everything and everything that makes any other person feel the one emotion she no longer experiences - fear. Secrets cloud her past, making her hard to figure out, but Cole's certain that he can change that.
    Cole refuses to believe that Azelie isn't scared of anything, he's sure that there's at least one thing that everyones scared of. No matter how big, or small. And he's determined to find out what Azelie is scared of.
    Even if it means facing his own fear.
Read the first page and I was like holy crap this book is gonna be awesome. Not only does it have a good plot line but it also is good writing... CAN'T WAIT TO KEEP READING!!!!
                                    And to the author; keep on being AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC
Anybody thought of Meredith Grey//Greys Anatomy?? Or was it just me?!
Some of us don't live our dreams because we fear that it will never come true.
the name is already 10000% white like damn you raised in Kansas City suburbs of somethin'????
reincarnation isn't darkness. it's another opening to light.
"It's the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more." -JKR