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My Very Own Stalker {Completed}

My Very Own Stalker {Completed}

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Syanne Potts By SyannePotts Completed

Arie star is a senior in high school. She's the average teenager, likes the quarterback of the football team, enjoys gossip, and has nice, loyal friends. But, there's one reason why she's different, she has a stalker....haha, not really, it's more like a secret admirer, who knows what she's doing...every second of the day...Who's this stalker? 

Is it her cheating ex, Ryan, the guy that will stop at nothing to win her heart back. The guy that would earn her forgiveness?

Is is it Noah, her ultimate crush, the future father of her kids...even though he probably doesn't know she more, and maybe you'd find out.

And, it doesn't help, that Arie is getting closer to a certain badboy hottie

Puberty: a thing needed by whores and sluts. Unfortunately, Puberty has been happening a lot lately due to the number of whores, slut, hoes (what ever you call them) I see on screen and in front of my eyes.
ummm... I don't think that's a normal thing as much as I would love to have someone to love me enough to stalk me...Yeah I know I sound really really weird don't judge lol!
believe me if you want but I personally thin it would be awesome to have a stalker it just means someone loves you so much and is willing to do anything for you. Or they just want to kill you...But this one loves her
Is she like Heather Chandler or Heather Duke? Because they are the true bîtches. As the musical Veronica puts it, Heather Chandler is a "Mythic Bîtch"
_Amaranthine_22 _Amaranthine_22 Jul 10, 2016
An apple a day keeps the haters away if you throw it hard enough
Lmao I'd stop stretching and run along with them while slapping their butts and then for the rest of the year I'd wolf howl at them at the most inappropriate times. 
                              *middle of civics class*
                              *starts howling at the quarter back in front of me*