Miraculous Ladybug (MarinettexChat Noir)

Miraculous Ladybug (MarinettexChat Noir)

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Donnieboy_tmnt By Donnieboy_tmnt Updated Dec 18, 2018

Marinette Dupain-Chang leads a crazy life: always late to school, saving Paris after school (mostly), and having to deal with a new crush on a certain Kitty. As they grow closer, Adrien keeps wanting to just tell Mari the truth but she stops him. But it looks like it won't be that much of a problem soon.

As more hero's arrive, the more likely their identities can and will be exposed. And with the arrival of Marinette's twin brother and Adrien's twin sister, can they keep their family and friends safe when Hawk Moth hires Volpina to capture them and steal their miraculouses?

This is a bonus from season 2. This is not what's going to happen but it's fun to imagine, right? Enjoy

I OWN NON OF THIS!!! My only ideas are what's gonna happen. The characters and everything else are not mine!!! The credit goes to the Creators!!

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