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My Brother is my Mate!!

My Brother is my Mate!!

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aaminah98 By aaminah98 Completed

This is NOT a story about incest so please don't get the wrong idea. 

         "Blake how the heck are you my m-mate?" I say with the courage that I have left, which isn't very much.  "Kennedy I've waited for this moment since last year." "What do you mean?" I ask while looking down at the floor avoiding his eyes.

         "I mean that I have known that you were my mate since I shifted but I didn't tell you, and now you finally know", he states as he comes closer and closer until we are so close I can feel his breathe on my cheek. "U-um Blake what are you doing?", I say as he looks at my lips and I gaze at his blue-green eyes. "Something I have waited way too long to do", He says as his lips come crashing onto mine. 
          Kennedy is a 16 year old girl. Her birthday is in 2 weeks and it will be her turn to find her mate. Also she will finally shift into her wolf. But on her birthday she will find something out that will change her life completely, not only will she find her mate but she will find something about her that will change her future..... Read to find out :)

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destiexoxo destiexoxo Apr 13
Who still uses alarm clocks? I have like 50 different times set on my IPhone
MyHeartu365 MyHeartu365 Apr 18
All hell would break loose in my house if one of my brothers bumped into me
HeheCakes HeheCakes Mar 14
I don't think it's incest cuz he may be adopted.
                              Or the girl is not related to him.
ixmeliexi ixmeliexi Apr 08
I don't want them to have the same mother. ( example) MOTHER I FOUND MY MATE, IT MEH SIS
I don't understand why girls (I know I know I'm a girl) wear make-up, like do we really need it?
Reading it takes 5 seconds but doing it takes 2 hours. They tell me to leave the house but when I'm getting ready they leave cause i "take to long"