Faking hope (BoyxBoy) [True Story]

Faking hope (BoyxBoy) [True Story]

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V. H. Oldfield By TheOriginOfLove2013 Completed

Life is not always easy, I know that. Everybody hates me at school, students and teachers. But I don't care as long as Alex, my boyfriend, is with me. But having a boyfriend who's mysteriously  disappearing is not always easy. Especially when everybody seems to know the truth except you. But sometimes it's for the best, truth is not always easy to hear.

[True story]

(Cover made by @PurplePizza)

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JayCAnne JayCAnne Sep 14
It's sad. Have two ideas of what may be happening. 1) Alex is just in his mind. 2) Alex doesn't really love him
Why do I get the feeling that Alex is either an imaginary friend or he's dead but our M.C. couldn't cope with it so his mind made Alex 'alive' again...
Omg. I kinda just realised Whats happening . that's so upsetting
infinighty infinighty Aug 28, 2015
I just got it, either he's not real or he died and he used to sit at the bench that's why everytime he meets him it's at the bench.
Redaxel5744 Redaxel5744 Jul 01, 2015
omg that was really good and I am called Alex lol that is so weird lol hahaha
gingerwad gingerwad May 05, 2015
Wait. Think I get it, he's dead? Idk but this story is amazing.