The Singer and Her Bodyguard

The Singer and Her Bodyguard

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MinnieMouse1010 By EGH15-01 Updated May 05

She is famous, He is the body guard that was hired to protect her. She was somebody who wanted out of all the fame and the glory, He was just trying to make a living for himself and his family. 

Maya Hunter was a well known singer  all around the world. She did albums, tours, charity events, red carpets, award ceremonies. She had fans, agents, movie deals and money. She had everything, except for happiness. 

Joshua Matthews was a big time martial artist and streetfighter. He knew everything there was to know about fighting. His brother and sister in law along with his parents all died in a car crash leaving him with his niece and nephew Riley and Auggie. 

Josh gets offered a job as a bodyguard for Maya, the only thing is they can't date. Neither of them think that would be a problem, until it is. 

Maya has never met the Matthews in this book but Shawn still knows them and was still best friends with Cory.

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