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In the year 2112, one hundred years after the meteor crash and seventeen years after WWIII, there exists a nationality of sorts known as 'Furries'. Their appearances range from simple ear and tail attachments to horrifying, beastly mutations, but that's not important. What is important is the relationship between our main characters as they travel towards their destination, and face many hardships along the way that may or may not relate to this minority. Many controversial views will be addressed as expected with everyday life, so I suggest you proceed with caution. Guns will be shot, lies will be told, kisses will be exchanged, and the human mind will be pushed beyond the edge of insanity.

This is not your average story. Why? Because you have me as the narrator. You can trust me.

(Nominated for On the Rise in the 2011 Watty Awards.)

  • adventure
  • alcohol
  • demon
  • fox
  • future
  • life
  • psychology
  • roses
  • sexuality
  • violence
  • war
CoWeWa CoWeWa Dec 26, 2014
I'm reading it for a second time!  looking forward to the movie!
TearsofForgotten TearsofForgotten Aug 10, 2012
i only read the first page and i already love the book and the narraration?? is that how you spell it..... anyway i like ythe book
The5secondescape The5secondescape Jun 17, 2012
I read the first part and love it
                              Im a sucker for adventure stories, and thanks for becoming a fan :)
Composed23 Composed23 Jun 16, 2012
I know I'm a little late at reading this, but I can't wait to keep going. This looks so cool - and I love the fact that Morgan Freeman's the narrator XD
Troublesome Troublesome Jun 02, 2012
Lol morgan freeman as thew narrator, i pissed myself laughing, i couldn't help it, ironically funny to me. Anyways i really like the story so far, so yeah.
- - Mar 23, 2012
nice intro, really captivating me already... those mix and order of words is just awesome!!!