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Vices (boyxboy)

Vices (boyxboy)

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-less By SneezingTurtle Completed

{{completed}} Nigel finds himself unable to choose between the ring of the church bell and the ring of Valentin's jean-chains.

Pepperam Pepperam Nov 15, 2016
Finally found this again, so excited to read it a second time!
What was he going to say? Tell me was it sandcastle or sandwich?
annemariye annemariye Jul 15, 2016
Alright! Time to read this story... Again... This is the 5 or 6th time... I dunno.
FrickinSunny FrickinSunny Oct 04, 2016
Satanism is actually cool. I follow a lot of it myself, mainly LaVeyan, not Theological.
singani singani Jun 26, 2016
Dude as long as you're nice to me and people I care about then I'll like you
RubytheKiller50 RubytheKiller50 Jul 19, 2016
Does watching porn count as a sin I really don't know? Cause if it is I'm going to Hell and I'll never get a chance to repent.