A Love From Back Then

A Love From Back Then

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Harry is Killed by Lord Voldemort but instead of the Original plot he is sucked back in time to when she was in 4th  year 

Death meets him in a dream along with a God Called Cronus...The God Of Time 

They give Harry a chance to prove himself...however Harry is turned into a very pretty feminine girl the age of a 14 year old 

They give her a chance to live again...but with a cost

All the people who died will come back to life...including Voldemort...



She doesn't understand why Tom was brought back to her time and not his time 50 years ago. But he was 

Only she have memories of getting a peaceful second life. The potter family wasn't famous as a mad man never existed. 

But she is no longer the one who has to stop him...right?

The cost of her returning to that world is that the potters aren't her family anymore she is completely a new person with a different family line 

Please it is my greatest honour and pleasure that I welcome 


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