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Brooke&Paco By crazycowriters384 Completed
Zeya always thought she was different, an outcast. 
    Until a cute boy shows up in her dreams and in her school. She tries her best to ignore him, but he's more important than she knows. He's watching out for her, not stalking her. 
    One day he saves her from Shadows Corp, an organization that wants her for the power she didn't know she had. Caleb introduces her to Lilah and Ace. 
    There the only four who can save the world from Shadows Corp. 
    They find out Shadows Corp is looking for three different pieces of an object, and when there combined all hell will break lose. 
    So they go on a journey battling vampires, werewolves, traitors, their feelings and much more. 
    Will this group of teens be able to save the world without killing each other first? Will the safety of the world be SAFE in the hands of these kids?
It so much work to get yourself together! But then it's like heaven just hit you in the face! Dis me every mornin!
I love it. I really think that this would be an awesome t.v. series. I like every part of the whole story.
Well I'm pretty sure that she's linked with the earth element. This is really good so far. There aren't many mistakes at all in this chapter. I can't wait to read more.
'How do I explain something I myself can't even begin to understand' 
                                    I love that so much! It's so creative (:
I love a good start!  shows the great that is yet to come. :)))))
another awesome chapter, the whole car thing was pretty freaking cool