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Just One Last Time [Toshiro Hitsugaya]

Just One Last Time [Toshiro Hitsugaya]

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Taylor By somewhereonlyweknoww Updated Mar 22, 2014

Akane Shihoin is a well-respected and high ranking Soul Reaper, but she doesn't always follow the rules and laws like a Lieutenant is supposed to. What happens in situations when the people she cares for is put against the rules of the Soul Society, her home? Will she follow them like any other obedient soul or will she be a different case and go against them and do what she think is right in her heart and stand up for what she believes in? Is she willing to give up her status and put herself in danger for the sake of her friends? What is she to do when a rule breaker like her ends up falling in love with a Captain who isn't so keen on breaking the slightest rule? With decisions like these, Akane will for sure end up with a headache, and unfortunately for Toshiro, Akane is about to be his main headache for some time to come.

I find it nice that he doesn't call her Lieutenant Akane like.
KittensLuvMe KittensLuvMe Apr 12, 2016
Da heck the chapters are SOOOOO LONG....... But I like dat :p
student_of_athena student_of_athena Jul 10, 2016
I can just see Toshiro asking for a drink but rangiku cutting him off saying he's underage and ordering him a coke instead.
Rangami-kai Rangami-kai Nov 21, 2016
Uh...I know this might sound rude, but Akane seems very much like a Mary Sue to me...
student_of_athena student_of_athena Jul 10, 2016
Pffft I just imagined him absently staring at a piece of paper wondering whose idea it was to make the blind man do paperwork.
crimson0251 crimson0251 Apr 01, 2016
I should really do that on my tacher's desk so there will be no more tests