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Rage of Vendetta (In Vendetta House #2)

Rage of Vendetta (In Vendetta House #2)

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Chloe Fairchild By ChloeFairchild Completed

In the anticipated sequel to In Vendetta House, Ariel and her gang of superpowered Cambions are back and better than ever.

Since escaping Vendetta House, a place where Cambions are killed to be used as dead, mind-controlled soldiers, they are in a race against time to stop an impending war. The Cambions have suffered through centuries of death and destruction by the Nephilum. Their only resort was to run and hide, but for very the first time, the Cambions are taking a stand. Too bad it is for all the wrong reasons, led by the wrong person. Unless Ariel and her friends can get to the Cambion council and make the rest of the Cambion population aware of the atrocities Aunt Nelly has committed to make her army, they are a lost cause. Blood calls to blood, and through a journey fueled by friendship and love, it is time for Ariel to learn that sacrifice means everything.

ghostwatcher11 ghostwatcher11 Mar 02, 2015
Thank you!  I can now read it! Yay! I'm so happy right now! I really love the book and the orginal idea behind it,  how did you come up with all this!? It's like amazing!
ghostwatcher11 ghostwatcher11 Mar 02, 2015
uh oh umm I can't read Jessie and Arials telepathic talking. Could you fix that please like u did in the first one, I'm not trying to be picky I just really LOVE this book! I will give u an imaginary chocolate bar! Lets face most people cannot resist chocolate #cough cough# me :)
ghostwatcher11 ghostwatcher11 Mar 02, 2015
I can imagine Vee picking Nephilim in the air and then smashing them onto the ground
ghostwatcher11 ghostwatcher11 Mar 02, 2015
hahaha no one listens to Courtney why do I have a feeling that will happen a lot? haha
Nevermind_MP Nevermind_MP Apr 26, 2014
blackstarshining blackstarshining Mar 13, 2014
Oh my gosh this is amazing and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Who is this Nephilum guy who knows everything???!!!?!? Going crazy!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CHAPTER!!!!