S O W E D |poetry|

S O W E D |poetry|

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SOWED: Words planted to grow into love.

This book is the garden where I have sowed my words to grow into sentences and bloom into poetry.

"What hurts the most is how people tell you to love yourself but forget to show you how."

Life has given us all colours of flowers and I am painting the picture of those buds of hope, love, heartbreak and even pain.

"All of us carry scars. Some hide it under their sleeves. Others hide them under their skin."

This book is not about expressing MY pain, but instead me relating to YOURS. This garden has flowers that were grown from OUR tears and smells of OUR love.

Started: 31.07.17

[I have been lucky enough to have the most amazing readers in the world - thank you ?]           

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Im captivated by you like a firework show. A great poet are you.
WriterBells WriterBells Jan 03
I agree. You shall see your scars but also everything else beyond it. Scars are battle marks. And a proof of you having won that battle.
Love this message. Keep up the amazing work. You're a true inspiration!
Beautifully worded and beautifully presented, just as beautiful as your soul Ms.Bells!💖
I believe I am loveable because God created in me loveableness
                              Which He loves. Sometimes, most of the time I don't see it because of the scars,  but He does and I am so blessed.
WattMachineSquad WattMachineSquad Oct 30, 2017
Wow...... This quote just made my day... Hope to inspire people and mostly myself and never to give up... Thanks for this reminder 🙏