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Threads of Fate: An Asa Butterfield FanFiction

Threads of Fate: An Asa Butterfield FanFiction

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hazel By DramaQueen64 Updated Jan 12

15 year old Alice Greene has always been a fan of the 17 year old actor, Asa Butterfield. Over the summer she flies to LA to visit her aunt but is secretly excited about attending an Ender's Game convention- Asa's latest movie. As if by fate, Alice stumbles into Asa and instantly the two "click." Even though Alice is nearly two years younger than Asa neither of them let age stand in their way of their blossoming friendship. Soon, whenever Asa is free from his movies and fans he is always around Alice. Over the course of a month they become friends teetering on the edge of romance. This is shattered when a brutal argument between Alice and her parents emerge, and soon Asa becomes distant. When Alice has to return to her home in Detroit, she and Asa are devistated. She thinks she'll never see him again and that drives her crazy- to the point where she is determined to stay. What will happen to Alice and Asa? Will they become lovers or will separate forever if Alice flies home? Read to find out!

Ing0008 Ing0008 Sep 10, 2016
I just read a book with a heroine with Alice in it, now another one?
Muffinmaddie Muffinmaddie Mar 06, 2015
                              I think I love you
                              Your writing is brilliant and I can already feel myself getting sucked into a whole new world. 
                              I already love Asa though, so you won't have to help me weigh that. ;) 
                              But I seriously love how you write! It's amazing. You're truly marvelous...
kawaii_fairy503 kawaii_fairy503 Jan 23, 2015
I'm writing my own book about Asa. It's called ' my clear path to success ' it might be a bit boring at the start but it's really interesting after the first chapter but still read the first chapter