The Little Sea Witch (klance/ little mermaid au)

The Little Sea Witch (klance/ little mermaid au)

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Issatalent By thatonefanficauthor Updated May 29

The Little Sea Witch (Klance) (little mermaid au)

What if the little mermaid was actually tone deaf and just a desperate, spoiled brat? 

What if she went to the sea witch on her own will, the sea witch turning out to be..male?

What if that sea witch had a beautiful voice and was the most handsome siren of the sea, instead of being an ugly octopus. Being the last siren and training in dark magic earning him the title "the sea witch". 

What if this little mermaid wanted to have a voice like his and human legs to get a chance with the prince? What if once she gets these things the prince isn't interested at all, like not even a glance at the girl throwing herself at him. What if he's not into girls or people in general, him being the "emo", ocean hating, prince he is.

But...what if the prince and the sea What will happen?


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