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VOK (Redemption updated occassionally)

VOK (Redemption updated occassionally)

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Jason Kucharik By JasonKucharik Updated Oct 27, 2016

V.O.K. is written from the perspective of an Alpha, the universe's most skilled special operations soldiers, who act as the High Order's eyes and ears in every corner of the universe and when necessary, its unflinching reapers.  LT, a stoic combat veteran and his sarcastic Sergeant, Bill, are engaged in a seemingly simple recon mission on the scorched surface of the now abandoned Earth.  Upon discovering that they were once human and the history of their species, the Hemosapiens is a lie, the very people they're meant to protect turn against them.  
An honor bound warrior species known as the Thyr spread across the universe preparing for war, as LT and Bill are pulled across worlds, expected to quell the threat of their home galaxy's destruction.  Meanwhile, a Hemosapien made Plague selectively spreads across the universe turning people into blood thirsty, powerful, animalistic echoes of their former selves.  As everything goes to hell, LT and Bill trust in their skills, sarcasm, and the bond of blood to dismantle the increasingly corrupt High Order.

JasonKucharik JasonKucharik Sep 15, 2016
@somuchubertactial You know what, I take solace in that as well :-) @theEvilTeddy guess it all depends on perspective 0_o
KillingClownsINC KillingClownsINC Mar 08, 2016
Is it weird that I feel kinda dirty reading his thoughts now because I know they weren't meant for a human? XD
Mitrhe Mitrhe Sep 19, 2016
Antelope Island? Really? Well, the Author is clearly from Utah
JohnMendoza777 JohnMendoza777 May 21, 2016
Interestingly interesting, *rubs chin with thumb and pointet finger as if deep in thought*
HellfireFlare HellfireFlare Jun 01, 2016
For some reason i keep thinking about Ivy's weapon from Soul Calibur when i read blade description
prettygirlinfleek prettygirlinfleek Jan 08, 2016
You need a proof reader,ME! I work cheap for a good writer! YOU ARE🤓