Ghost | Regulus Black

Ghost | Regulus Black

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Marlene Young By MissMarleneYoung Updated Jul 10, 2019

[prequel to the "badlands" series]

•Searching for something that I can't reach•

It was ironic that the girl named after a virgin goddess had lost her own in first year. 

Artemis Avery was known for one thing: sleeping around. The witty Slytherin girl had a bad reputation, and did nothing to save it. On the contrary, she slept around with anyone. But more than anything, she had a secret. One that threatened to shatter her life, and herself. 

When Regulus Black accidentally walks into Artemis Avery with his best friend one night, he doesn't think much of it. But when she storms off in the sobbing for no obvious reason, Regulus becomes curious.

Artemis is more than curious; she finds herself plagued with a strange dream that shows herself and Regulus near a shadowy lake. The moment she wakes up, she finds a terrible pain, one that never ceases unless she is standing near Regulus.

Driven by pain, Artemis allows herself to grow closer to the boy with dark eyes, and is alarmed at how quickly she grows to care for him. After a life of chasing ghosts, Artemis finally feels like she's found someone that won't disappear at dawn. 

But nothing can last forever.