Dealing with obsessed guys from your past couldn't get worse than this.
Shit that was so intense and creepy at the same time! I think that this was definitely worth all the hours you spent writing. Really powerful and leaves gaps so that readers can try filling them. It's really great.
I have a question , were u put in jail when your parents came home and saw them ?
This was amazing!! Actually amazing would be a understatement. It was extraordinary, riveting and exhilarating! I've never EVER read anything like this before!
This is so amazing! Riveting, sad, thrilling, and scary all at the same time!
                                    Keep up the good work.
i cried when she started talking to her brother at the end........ it was sad......   but i love the story......    :)
This Was Absolutely Amazing! I Read It In One Go, I Couldnt Stop! :D xxxxxxx