It's Gettin' Hot In Here(BxB oneshots)

It's Gettin' Hot In Here(BxB oneshots)

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SolitaryTiger By SolitaryTiger Updated Jul 16, 2015

Hey, it's Minnie, and these are oneshots I've created from either requests or my own dirty mind!

To Request, I need:



*What they look like

*Brief Setting Description(Time, Place, Etc.)

*Brief Plot Description(What's going to happen)

*With/Without Lemon/Lime(sexual scene)

*if you want it dedicated or stay anonymous

*Anything else you want

I Will Do:



*Neko(or anything like it)

*Fanfiction(if I know the characters)


So I'll pretty much write anything. Don't be afraid to inbox me a request! Anyway, this is only boyxboy, sorry! Bye!

*Very Sporadic/Slow Updates*


ShawnMendes_marryMe ShawnMendes_marryMe May 26, 2016
I loved it thank god it wasn't one with brother x brother smut I hate those
ShawnMendes_marryMe ShawnMendes_marryMe May 18, 2016
I have a request I'll like ste and Harry ages 18 and 24 and it to be smut there both living in the uk and they have blue eyes and they have sex because it's their anniversary of the day they first met
JoshuaGreene2 JoshuaGreene2 Apr 06, 2016
Why on earth would he put a condom on!  A, it's fiction and B they seem to be exclusive and in love.
                              Story would have been much better
Juliknei17 Juliknei17 Jun 18, 2016
I just watched supernatural and Dean was just talking about Pet Cemetery 😂
jaedbuscus jaedbuscus Jul 31, 2014
I live in the state that movie was made... Like I live in the same town as Steven king xD
xXiwantmycookieXX xXiwantmycookieXX Apr 04, 2014
Omg Nooooooo i cried in that movie cuz of gage he was so cute and those parents suck at watching 3-4 year old kids..!