Moving in with the Griers (A Nash Grier Fanfic)

Moving in with the Griers (A Nash Grier Fanfic)

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Hey guys, this isn't really part of the story, I just wanted to say a little bit about this story. So I know some people who read this MAY have/be reading Moving in with the Griers a HAYES Grier fanfiction, by the great and amazing @greensoccer7

 I DID in fact get this idea for a story from her, and before you guys go and say I stole the idea, I DIDNT! I dm'ed her, asked her for permission to use the idea, and then waited for a response like the amazingly sweet girl I am. Lol jay kay, no. I waited for the response like a normal person. 

I didn't even start this (OBVI) until I got her permission, and we came up with an agreement, sooooo yeah. Haters go suck on that! 

Anyways, I love love love @greensoccer7, like I seriously adore her and her story (the one with the almst same title) and if you are reading this, HIIIII! 

I seriously think with this I have a friendship budding. But we'll see! Anyways, I should probably get on with the story now. And I will totally let you guys know if...

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Omg same! I always sit on the bleachers when I leave class because of a problem
Jack gilinsky jack Johnson or That's so jack or for some reason jack dail
Kinda wanting it to be G so I'm just gonna pretend it's G 😂
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Late but SO BABY BE WITH ME SO HAPPILY!!!!!!!!!!!!💯🇬🇧🆔🍀😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💚
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I read moving in with the Griers the Hayes one and I loved it so I'm excited for this one(: