Pretty Little Liars//The Sixth Liar #WATTYS2016

Pretty Little Liars//The Sixth Liar #WATTYS2016

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I am Kendall Hastings. I am sixteen years old and had to move here to Rosewood from California. At Rosewood, I met someone named A. And shit went down. A is trying to destroy my life, but I won't let that happen. Well, here is my story, and how it all started..Some people call me the sixth liar, but I don't see it. 


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... Well... Thats the whole show! Good night everyone *Turns to camera* *winks* *Mic drop* *shrugs* *walks away* idek...
dunbae- dunbae- Aug 10
Everyone's like what about Melissa... And I'm just like 'We don't talk anymore, we don't talk anymore, like we used to do.' xD
I've only watched like one ep of pll but this series looked too good to let go
aimzxoxo aimzxoxo Oct 04
I love how everyone adds in "I'm I Hastings, we never get confused" or another remark about the Hastings
People think it like this, peter is Spencer's dad's name so Kendall would be her cousin
"He/She/It/BITCH" brought to you by Hanna Marian 😂😂😂tbh that was one of my fav lines by her