The Humbling Acts

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Shatter By dezziestar1998 Updated 3 years ago
Mia Leona Downly. What an absolutely awful name. Mia is like no girl you will ever meet. She is the type that hides and yet you noticed immediately. Not because of the black clothing and makeup she wears. Not because of her red hair. But because she has a presence that is indescribable. But if you ever sat her down and looked into her life, you would cover your ears and cry out to a god you don't even believe in to make it stop. She is probably the toughest girl around. Not fight wise, but just is. Maybe that is why I am so infatuated with her presences. Maybe that is why I want her to be heard. Want her story of life to be told. So maybe anyone with the absolute carelessness to taunt and tease her can get the ego check they so desperately need.
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