The Tragedy Of Fairy Tail: A world in Ashes [Severe Revising]

The Tragedy Of Fairy Tail: A world in Ashes [Severe Revising]

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Elliana Jane By NeonVolts Completed

Accidents happen right? People vanish right out of your life when you least expect it. Its how you deal with that pain of losing some one that counts. No one ever thought they'd have to live without the most amazing person in all of Fairy Tail, but it happened. 

It sends the guild flying into the dark cloud of depression and sorrow. Leaving none of them with even a trace of happiness. Until one day, nearly three years later. Something strange happens. That will set things on a course that was never predicted. 

Even in the end, it's nothing but the tragedy of the most powerful guild in all of Fiore, Fairy Tail.

*raises my hand after @TeddyLauren*
                              When you thought you could kick Gildarts butt.
Wut???? Wut????
                              Natsu is still alive right?
cloudlucy cloudlucy Jun 22
I swear to god if it's the bîtch that killed him I'm gonna riot
Do I dare...........OH HECK WITH IT!!!! THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!
I'm just picturing Natsu's dead body flopping around like a fish out of water. ...
Uhhh.... Why is gray calling lucy...ummm...well...."Luce"!!!!???