Entrapment: A Mute Marriage Sequel

Entrapment: A Mute Marriage Sequel

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SlytherinPrincess By Slytherin1Princess Updated Jul 24

Myung-Hee is all grown up! She's not in a gang, in fact she knows nothing about her father and her "uncles" being the famous gang Infinite. Her parents wanted her and her brothers to be oblivious to the fact that their father was and still is the famous L of Infinite. She was raised away from the violence and gangs. But what happens when she is sucked into because of a guy she meets?

Kim Taehyung is in the gang BTS. They want to rule the gang world. And they have finally found the way to achieve that. Kim Myung-Hee. The daughter of their idol L of Infinite. So they send the one member who they thought Myung-Hee would fall for, V. V has to turn on the charm. He doesn't want to let his gang down. But what is going to happen when he finds out that Myung-Hee doesn't know about her father being in gang?

Mark Tuan is best friends with Myung-Hee and her twin brother Myung-Dae. But is also secretly in love with Myung-Hee. One thing no one knows about him is he is in a gang called Got7. When he is with Myung-Hee, he is super sweet and funny. When he is with Got7, he is extremely cold-hearted and serious. What will he do when he finds about V and the girl he is in love with?

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