Forbidden Love In The Dark

Forbidden Love In The Dark

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Tiffany Dunn By TiffanyDunn8 Updated Jul 29, 2017

We all know the story of 'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespear. If you don't, I'll sum it up for you

Romeo and Juliet fall in love at a party. But they come from families which hate each other. They are sure they will not be allowed to marry. Nevertheless, helped by Friar Laurence, they marry in secret instead. Unfortunately, before their wedding night Romeo kills Juliet's cousin in a duel, and in the morning he is forced to leave her. If he ever returns to the city, he will be put to death.
Juliet's parents told her she must marry Paris. Her parents do not know she is already married. She refuses in the beginning, but later agrees because she plans to fake her death and escape to be with Romeo forever; again with the help of Friar Laurence.
Frair Laurence designs the plan. He gives Juliet a sleeping potion. She appears to be dead and was put in a tomb. However, Romeo does not know about the plan, visits her grave, thinks she is dead, and kills himself. When Juliet finally wakes up, she discovers that Romeo is dead and then kills herself.

This story is similar but is NOT a fanfiction. This story is about a vampire princess whom is suppose to marry a vampire lord but falls inlove with a werewolf prince.

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