Cupid   |vkook| (Completed)

Cupid |vkook| (Completed)

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He did as what Hoseok told him to do, he opened his eyes as he sees no one in sight other than Hoseok, "See! I know it won't work, those are myths Hoseok." Taehyung said as he felt dumb.

"Uh, maybe you're right Tae, I'm sorry, I'll leave, Yoongi needs me." Hoseok waved his hands as they walk to the door, Taehyung help him open the gate as he went inside his house.

He closed the door as he turned his heels, as he scream due to the unknown figure in front of his face.

"The names Jeongguk baby."

  -a vkook fanfic

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platonic_phan platonic_phan Jul 29, 2017
I already have an idea of what's gonna happen with this rule....
joonlands joonlands Sep 15
i thought this was a vmin fanfic 😂 i went back to check if this was really a vkook one 😂😂