Slow Dancing (Camren/You)

Slow Dancing (Camren/You)

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loualcott By loualcott Updated Jul 29, 2017

A clean slate. An empty slate. How will you live your life if you were given another chance? Except you will have no memory of your past. Will you move forward on your new life or will you retrace your steps backwards to your forgotten life?

Y/n Claire Fontaine, the youngest child of English fashion designer, Emilia Bertin Fontaine and French businessman, Edward Fontaine, the sister of Atty. Alexander Fontaine, sister-in-law of travel journalist, Emily Gomez Fontaine. The princess of both the Bertin and Fontaine families. The best friend of Quinn Evans, Veronica Ruiz, and Spencer Briand. The 'child model' of France. The engineer who started her very own firm (BLOCKS) at 22. The woman who founded Take My Hand, the organization that builds hospitals, schools, housings, and many more all for the less fortunate. A musician. A fencer. A potter. A gun enthusiast. A wine connoisseur. A photographer. A writer. A traveler.  A friend. A sister. A soon to be aunt. A granddaughter. A daughter. A girlfriend. 'The' girlfriend of 'The' Lauren Jauregui, most successful businesswoman under 30.

Claire, her full name when they first met her. Now, 4 years later, Claire Cabello. The wife of Camila Cabello.

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