For Honor: The Journey of a Conqueror

For Honor: The Journey of a Conqueror

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Vindicta By RadioactiveODST Updated Aug 02, 2017

Born into slavery, Arcani never had a chance to shine. He was always shunned despite his hard work. Hated among his fellow slaves for the just treatment he earned. Never to be free.

Then one day his master died, and Arcani was given his armor, mace, and shield to take into battle. None of the noblemen debated his rise to his newfound position as they had seen his muscular might. The only problem that seemed to have lied ahead for the young Conqueror was his rivalry with a wealthy man's son who was aspiring to become a Conqueror as well. 

Between jealousy, greed, conflict, battles, and war. Arcani never seemed to be able to get his bearing on life. Even almost having it snatched away from him

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InsaneDicTATEr InsaneDicTATEr Jul 31, 2017
Awwwww, you ended it in a cliff hanger! This seems like a filler chapter or an update on the slave's state, but it was good none the less. I MUST READ THE NEXT CHAPTER!
InsaneDicTATEr InsaneDicTATEr Jul 30, 2017
Freaking awesome setup dude. Can't wait for the next chapter!