Overwatch: Stories of Tomorrow

Overwatch: Stories of Tomorrow

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Mico Estamo By Filipinotypo21 Updated Mar 03

An Overwatch fanfic that I know and loved by the lore of the story. Hope you guys enjoy it! Inspired from the story of it, I will continue the adventures of the heroes in this game. Also... I will include ships from fans and shippers in the game, so be sure to check its updates!
  Disclaimer: I do not own Overwatch.
  And the characters, stages and designs of the map were all owned by Blizzard Entertainment. And the pictures that I posted on each chapter were all created by their respectful owners.

The Plot:
Overwatch got shut down for a reason. The United Nations had created a PETRAS act onto Overwatch because they think that the source of the increasing crime rates all around the world was belonged to the organization itself. Another they say is that they were being called criminals due to some actions that had exceeded above the limits of the human laws, especially something that makes feel more dangerous than any defenders and liberators all around the world itself.

But that is what makes Overwatch special. They are unique in every way, talented in every ambition, and strong at their will to defend and protect what is right, and wrong. Soldiers lived with honor and died with glory. Adventurers will fulfill their destiny on seeing the world a better place. Scientists are placed at their intellect in finding the right answers. And oddities are powerful at using their own might on finding victory.

This is why they fight. To live and find the truth of events that lie ahead in the future. And when all hope is lost at our world, who will be left to watch?

The content of the book:
- Rated T (I don't intend to make this mature)
 - Has multiple arcs (I didn't name them in order for you to find it out yourself, but if the chapters are long enough, I will tell how many are in this book)
 - Always updated for new places and new heroes as the game lives on the making itself.

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