Grounded Destiny

Grounded Destiny

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A.M. Hudson By Undursleyish_666 Updated Aug 17, 2017

" Change Isn't Always For The Better..."

Athena Drowsing was an ordinary thirteen year old girl. She had an older sister, Isabella Drowsing, who was seventeen. She went to an ordinary school, Saint Capulets State High School, And she was going on a full school excursion in a few days.

It had always been her and her sister, as her parents had died a few years ago. Athena and Isabella have had fights with child services, ran away from foster care, and stolen basically everything you could think of. But after a while they cut a deal with child services which allowed them to stay in their house by themselves without any problem, as long as they checked up on them once a week.

However, once the two sisters attend the excursion, something happens, which changes thier life forever, and probably not for the better or the world's race.

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