Be Here Now

Be Here Now

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Aria lives in the maidenhouse, as she has all her life. She dresses modestly, reads morality stories, and prays to Lady Mariya, Protectress of Women. When she flowers, she will be married off to a man she's never met (not that she's ever met one in her life) and live in Loving Union with him, tending to his every need with grace and gentleness.

And of course, if she doesn't want to be married, she can go to the altar as sacrifice. It would be an honorable choice to make, even more honorable than being the perfect wife.

But lately, Aria has been plagued with nightmares. Nightmares of being torn apart from within, in a dreadful perversion of Loving Union.

Her three best friends, Nimuë, Mati, and Anu, don't trust the maidenhouse system. Could Aria's dreams be prophetic? 

But even if they are, what can four little girls possibly do?

***WARNING: Will contain violence and scenes of assault, some mature in nature. Plus some straight-up mature content, or at least as close as I ever get :P Also, I will probably snark at mainstream religion a lot, as I often do. Long story short, think before you read.

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