Hidden Pearl

Hidden Pearl

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High Genie By highgenie Updated Jun 29

"You're a girl?"

Henry stared at me intensely and closed his eyes.  Suddenly, he let out a deep breath, I could hear him softly mumble, " Is this a dream? What the f**k?"

He, completely unaware how to react stared at me frozen, his whole face paled and flustered. His eyes roam my body once again and I feel my face starting to heat up.

"Stay back or else!" I said as I stepped back. My heart wouldn't stop beating fast, and I would feel it starting to beat even more quickly. Stay calm, stay calm, I repeated over and over again in my head. 

He slowly to my surprise, stepped closer to me, and I unwantedly and scared took a step back. I kept stepping back and him forward until I couldn't step back anymore. 

"Or else what?" he replied looking straight in my eyes.

I could feel my whole face burn. I search my head for an answer, how do I get out of this? 
"Henry, this is a dream! You are dreaming about this!" I blurt out. 

He laughed. The laugh sends shivers throughout me. I could feel my face getting redder. He finally stopped laughing and grinned, "If this is a dream, then you wouldn't mind if I do this right?"

Starled, I looked into his deep hazel eyes, which seem to get closer by the second. Before, I can registered what's happeing, I feel soft lips on top of mine. 
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