Sit. Down. Stay : Training the Princess

Sit. Down. Stay : Training the Princess

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NovaDavielle By NovaDavielle Updated Aug 01, 2017

The Trinity Pack of Royalty is the biggest pack to ever exist containing up to fifty thousand pack members. Led by the Alastair family, they control their entire territory and dozens of smaller packs. Thousands of years ago four packs ruled the world, until one of them rebelled causing millions to die in the process. In order to put an end to war, the Trinity Pack of Royalty was formed and they never faced any other threats. Until now.
    After a series of small attacks along their borders, The Trinity pack's northern patrol group found a letter announcing the upcoming rise of The Rebellion Pack and their intention to start a war. As a precaution to protect their daughter, they hired the upcoming alpha of one of the most dangerous packs to exist, The Crimson Warrior Pack, to train their daughter.

     With war on the rise anything can happen, love, betrayal and death.

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