The Thirty Pound Backpack

The Thirty Pound Backpack

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Holding his gut in pain he sat up against the locker, trying to get to his feet. But to no avail. He was still pretty beat up as his math teacher walked in front of him. 

"Hey can you help me up?" Marcus said struggling to breathe, as his math teacher didn't even bother to turn her head, but her words pierced right through him. 

"You probably deserve to be down there ya little brat." Without even a look, his math teacher continued her cold stride as Marcus struggled to get to his feet. 

Every day kids walk into what parent's call school, but to the majority it's best known as prison. It's a kid's worst nightmare even though it was supposed to teach them life skills and how to handle themselves. We're the teachers all exclaim how it's such a safe space to be. The harsh reality though was that they were wrong. 

Marcus, a once up and coming high school student, with a near flawless record was now hovering over rock bottom. In his decaying mind. He saw the school system for what it really was, a place where the popular flourished and everyone else was expected to kiss their feet. 

That wasn't Marcus though, as he tried to shake the system. He was going to show them all, what the extent of their bullying was really capable off, and knowing the teacher's couldn't physically touch him. Marcus' performance couldn't be stopped.