Save me from the darkness (Watty Awards)

Save me from the darkness (Watty Awards)

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Natasha By live_4_life Completed

"Are you afraid of me?" His words came out in a whimper and I flinched away from him. He finally let his forehead rest against mine as he sighed. "You don't have to be afraid."

Lauren fears everything. She's blocked out her wolf causing all the advantages she should have disappear. When her parents force her away from her home to find her mate she's taken in by another pack with a harsh beta and a alpha which she must meet before leaving his lands.

Isaac has been searching for his mate since he was sixteen. Excited when he first started but over the years it has become more of a grueling task then a happy moment. Now turning twenty-three he's beinging to wonder if he will ever find her.

Until Isaac meets Lauren....

  • afraid
  • alpha
  • attack
  • death
  • disgrace
  • dislocated
  • fear
  • hate
  • love
  • lunas
  • pack
  • rogues
  • secret
  • shift
  • vampire
  • war
  • wolf
Psycho_Gurl4 Psycho_Gurl4 Nov 25, 2016
Her parents are douche bags omg I wanna bitch slap them 😂😂😂
Crimson_Demon Crimson_Demon Apr 12, 2014
This is my second time reading this since last year and I'm really exited!! :)
GoldStar2000 GoldStar2000 Mar 13, 2014
What is she scared of? Also, this was the best prologe i ever read!
Eurythmia Eurythmia Jul 10, 2013
The prologue is very interesting and compelling because it ALMOST makes me want to get over my fears! O.o
XxUr_In_SamplexX XxUr_In_SamplexX Jun 07, 2013
Such rude parents! Ugh but I'm intrigued ... I shall continue reading
sarah_cruz94 sarah_cruz94 Apr 26, 2012
Good start to the story! Definitely adding this to my reading list. 
                              I usually don't read werewolf stories much anymore once the crave set in and everyone wanted to read em. But I think I will give it a go with this one. :D 
                              Between the summary in the beginning to the first chapter..awesome!