More Than You Know (A Jc Caylen Fanfic)

More Than You Know (A Jc Caylen Fanfic)

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"Don't leave," He whined. Aww

"I'm not," I smiled to my self. I layed next to him and he slid lower onto the bed. I nuzzled into his shoulder and I was so unbelievably happy. I just love this...


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childish_sadbino childish_sadbino Dec 26, 2017
If everybody weren’t such asšholes at my school then I would probably talk to some people
melaylabirlem melaylabirlem Oct 24, 2017
I wouldve just played it off and started looking for something imaginary in my book bag so i wouldnt look like a loner
lmfao_iris lmfao_iris Mar 24, 2017
I love this because if you put a picture it just ruins it thanks😊😊
DunWithEverythingRn DunWithEverythingRn Mar 25, 2017
who's parents agree that easily?? If this was me:
                              Me: can I got to a friend's house?
                              Dad: why?? Is it a boy?? No you have no idea what his intentions are with you??
                              Me: but...he's gay...
curlyhaze24 curlyhaze24 Jun 01, 2017
Honestly me, one time this guy tried to flirt with me by saying " aye girl whos your boyfreind" i know it's a weird line but i just shouted "NO" I really wish i could be lying about this story...
grapequeen grapequeen Feb 27, 2017