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Silver's Light: Curators vs. Diabolus

Silver's Light: Curators vs. Diabolus

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Midnightlight14 By Midnightlight14 Updated Jul 18, 2012

"What the heck are you doing and what are you reading?"
	He ignores me and turns around. I run over to the bed and snatch the journal from his hands. The front cover is labeled with my name in beautiful font. "Silver", but this isn't mine. I blow some dust off and open it.
	"Hey I was reading that!"
	"Aeron, shut up!"
	He scoffs. I ignore his childish behavior and proceed opening the journal. The journal's first page is dated August 4th 1995, coincidently the very same day I was born. I flip to the next page discovering beautiful handwritten entries of a person who apparently has been watching me. I read the first sentence and dropped the journal. 
	"Whose is it? Is this another one of your jokes, this isn't funny!" 
	Aeron looks as shocked as I am. He picks it up and reads the first sentence out loud. 
	"Her vividly hazel colored eyes are looking straight at me but yet she can't see me. She'll never be able to see me. I don't know why they assigned her to me she's just an ordinarily looking girl but I must follow orders and protect her. This beautiful human will forever be in my care. She will be the one."

Midnightlight14 Midnightlight14 Jun 04, 2012
@TheVixen Awe thanks! ^_^ I really appreciate the comment and that you liked it! :D
Midnightlight14 Midnightlight14 Jun 03, 2012
@ThurstonHearts Thank you for reading :D I'll probably split the chapter. But I'll have to figure out how to organize the others that come after. I'll figure it out, thanks again! ^_^
ThurstonHearts ThurstonHearts Jun 03, 2012
Amazing description! I loved the length of the chappy, but I think you shld split it in two, to keep more of an edge in the reading.  Grammar was good also, and I liked your dialouge concepts. Keep writting and you'll be getting mkre reads to this master peice!
Midnightlight14 Midnightlight14 Apr 19, 2012
@RoseOfZion  Thanks for commenting and reading, but yeah it is definitely long. I kinda got carried away lol. Thanks again :)
funkyjeanz funkyjeanz Apr 07, 2012
Sooo good. For real, I love it! Can't wait for the next part!! :D
Midnightlight14 Midnightlight14 Apr 07, 2012
Comment what you think about the story! : ) And vote for it if you like it! Thanks! :D