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Mal's older sister, Ann, was their mom's fav until, Mal got taken to Auradon by the command of Prince, well now King Benjamin. Ann always wanted to go to Auradon but didn't get to go because she got mad at everyone at Auradon, mostly Mal and King Ben. So she decided to join her bestfriend, Uma's, crew where she met the gorgeous son of Captain Hook. Harry Hook, the boy who stole the heart off Ann.

"Hook me!" I sang to Harry whilst my hand was wrapped around his hook and he smirked and tilted his head back laughing.

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bexsexual bexsexual Jan 07
Me!! Now I'm just reading a bunch of Harry ff's because im.obsessed now
Alfirineth Alfirineth Mar 29
I like how all the pics are sirius ones, except for this one
voidtube voidtube May 19
I remember having the BIGGEST crush on Seth Clearwater in Twilight and then I saw Descendants for the first time and I was like WAIT WHAT SETH GREW UP HOT
Pentatonix_Rebellion Pentatonix_Rebellion Nov 03, 2017
Usually sequels aren't better than the first but let me tell you it was in this case, and I feel like without chyna,etc as the new VKs I don't think it would as good
fandomglore fandomglore Apr 02
I think I’ve literally seen it like 50 times it’s best film ever #bestmovieevermade❤️