1D One Shots (Closed)

1D One Shots (Closed)

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Summer :P By chubbybutt Completed

Niall's P.O.V.

"Guys, I think I'm goin to hit the sack" I say leaving to get into my car

"Bye" They all shout

I get to my apartment. I don't have to share with any of the guys. Guess that's the great thing about being in a band of five guys, there's always a fifth wheel, and that is me.

I unlock my apartment door, walk in and shuffle to my bedroom. Take off all my clothes, till I'm left in only my boxers.

Right when my head hits the pillow, I'm out like a light bulb.

I was at a little café, this place is just down the street.

I'm sitting in a booth next to a window. I see a bridge, very few cars driving on it. Then I see this brown spec, and then I realized, it was a girl, standing on the edge of the bridge, about to jump.

What do I do?

I think of the only logical thing to do


I bolt out of the café, and sprint over to where the girl is.

"Whatever it is, it can't be that bad" I yell out to her

She whipped her head around to face me.

"How do you know?" She asks


Directioner0507 Directioner0507 Apr 01, 2013
Would you ever think about making this into a full story?? Because I know for a fact that I along with many others would love it! :)
chubbybutt chubbybutt Aug 13, 2012
@Grazianarunner Sorry, i'm really busy and school is coming up. so no i can't sorry, love!
Grazianarunner Grazianarunner Aug 13, 2012
@chubbybutt I asked for one a couple days ago...can u still write me one? I would really appreciate it if u could
chubbybutt chubbybutt Aug 11, 2012
@xInDeNiallx Sorry it's too late, i'm not writing anymore one shots
Grazianarunner Grazianarunner Aug 06, 2012
Name: Graziana...can I be 18 n the story
                              Boy: Niall
                              Appearance: brown very curly hair, runner body, short 5'3
                              Personality: sweet, helpful, funny, reserved
                              extra: I absolutely love running....and can I be Lou's younger sister; I've always wanted a protective older brother
chubbybutt chubbybutt Jul 31, 2012
@SamStyles12 Yeah sure, message me:
                              Which boy:
                              What you want to happen:
                              And anything else you want to add: