Like it like that {Stiles Stilinski}

Like it like that {Stiles Stilinski}

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Charliiiiiiiii By tvd_wolf Completed

After her parents passing, Alex ventures off to stay with her uncle and his family in Beacon Hills. 

She is soon enrolled in Beacon Hills high school where she meets the 147 pounds of pure sarcasm, falling head over heels in almost an instant. 

In a town full of the supernatural, Alex is bound to get caught up in it. Not in the way you'd think, something much more.

Meanwhile the gang come across some intense dangers on an adventure they'll never forget.

too-many-fandoms666 too-many-fandoms666 May 22, 2016
I still thinks that it would be good but glasses would have been better
Im_here_4_the_food Im_here_4_the_food Dec 24, 2016
He's made up of skin and bones and his only defense is sarcasm
bitchmafia bitchmafia Dec 28, 2016
I see my cousins ever day. We just insult and hurt each other because that's affection in my family
Perez_Familia Perez_Familia Dec 20, 2016
This is why Stiles and I would make a perfect match, sarcastic people need to get together especially if we are the sass king and queen
Diamond045 Diamond045 Apr 26, 2016
How couldn't I take an interest in your book. You took three  things that I really love, teenwolf, Stiles and Lucy hale and made it a Fanfiction. 
                              I had to read your book!!
The only reason that they would be gagging is whenever your..... What was that mother, COMING!?!?!?