Like it like that {Stiles Stilinski}

Like it like that {Stiles Stilinski}

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Charliiiiiiiii By tvd_wolf Completed

Allison's cousin Alex comes to stay with her and her parents, after her own parents passing. Alex is enrolled in beacon hills and soon meets Alison's boyfriend Scott and his best friend Stiles. She seems to find herself falling for Stiles in almost an instant. 
Will Stiles make a move? 

In a world of the supernatural, Alex is bound to get caught up in it. But not in the way you'd expect, something much much more. 

Meanwhile the gang come across some pretty intense dangers on an adventure they'll never forget.

Flippindylan017 Flippindylan017 5 days ago
That's what I'm saying😭😂😻😻😻😻😻🔐🔥🔥🔥🔥
I still thinks that it would be good but glasses would have been better
dunlandss dunlandss Nov 13
🙌👏 this entire paragraph is amazing and i reread it 2 times bc its so accurate
Shayfan_101 Shayfan_101 Nov 18
If my cousin from not seeing her for 8 years runs downstairs and hugs me I would awkwardly hug her back and when she acts like my BFF I would just answer with one worded answer lol I'm totally not rude at all
Diamond045 Diamond045 Apr 26
How couldn't I take an interest in your book. You took three  things that I really love, teenwolf, Stiles and Lucy hale and made it a Fanfiction. 
                              I had to read your book!!
Do they have eye sight problems, cause I can assure you that's not what millions of girls think.